“A Junkie’s Christmas”

A junkie's Christmas
Lasts all year
And it comes
In many forms

A full bag in his pocket
Full needle
Full prescription
Full pipe
Full bottle of booze

Like full stockings
Over the fireplace
Just waiting to be emptied
Or presents under the tree
Beautifully wrapped
Begging to be ripped apart

Some know all the hustles
Different angles and charms
To keep their days
Full of gifts
Or most of them

You end up with nothing
Or a lump of coal
And the sickness
Kicks in
No matter how
Naughty or nice
You've been

That's just how
The cookie crumbles
Into the milk
Left for the Santas
In dealer suits
When you live
Like it's Christmas
Every single day

©James Dennis Casey IV

“Once Upon a Time”

Eating fried cheese curds
With the three stooges
In a greasy
Whorehouse orgy
Drinking cigarettes
Smoking rum
Listening to the cats
And piss
All over the damn place
I had a moment
Of clarity
Everything made sense
Until I lost it
When I came in the mouth
Of an old 
Wrinkly butterface
Lady of the night
Sometimes the meaning
Of it all
Can be found
And lost
In the blink of an eye
Or the shooting
Of a load
I guess
The world
Will never know
But I did
Once upon a time

©James Dennis Casey IV

“Pain Fades Away”

A bloated pig sentient
With intellectual aspirations
My guts hate me
And I hate my guts
Poisoning myself
Again and again
Because there are things
In me
That need to die

Heaven and home
Hard to reach
Angels held my hand
Walking through the fire
For so long
Only to fall
To the flame

Still I stand
Still alive
Watching time
And people die
Battles won
Battles lost
My skin an open book

Crossover memories
Tried and true
Raised by fire
Under the son

Eyes burnt
Pain fades away
Hold on
Move on

©James Dennis Casey IV

“Broken Dream Gumbo”

I'm upside down
Flip me over
No wait
I liked it better
The other way
Upside down and
Inside out
In the lost
And found box

All mixed up
Time and time
Again stirring 
My own pot
Of broken dream
With someone else's 
And vice versa
While talking 
To the bird
That lives in
My beard

Passing time
Building wings
Of twigs and leaves
Held together
By the ear wax
Of Ballybogs
That always seem
To fail
In one way
Or another

The guardian angel
And little devil
Sitting on my shoulders
Pass a bottle
Back and forth
At my shortcomings
So the clown in me
Steals it
And we all end up
Drunk and naked
Dancing around 
A bonfire
Adding ingredients
To the gumbo

©James Dennis Casey IV

“Weep No More”

Riding on a cloud
High above the world
So beautiful

Flowing along the line 
Of her back

The one
Who taught me how to write

She passes in the sky
In rooted tangle

Only to give me
At last
When I am dead
Hope to return

I have seen her constellation
Dressed in green
Tailed like a rat
And then fall away
With me

Burning in secrets
Of nothing whatsoever
I shall see her again

Ended is what I have begun
Only to begin again
Show me
Weep no more

©James Dennis Casey IV

“Using Its Own Parts”

Our true self is a voice
In the form of energy
Living in our heads
Driving our bodies
Like a temporary
Meat spaceship

Every breath we take
Is like the tic-toc of our own
Biological self destruction clock
Working towards releasing it

We're like the gears 
Of a larger structure
Spiraling into itself
Before reaching the last
Apex curve within
Only to be launched back
To the beginning

Simple yet deliberately 
Over engineered
Like a Rube Goldberg machine
Built by the universe itself
Using its own parts
And it's beautiful
And it's terrifying
To think about
At the same time

©James Dennis Casey IV

“Wasted Space Man”

One morning a junkie astronaut
Dipped in stardust antimony
Came to me with a snake tooth smile
And hypnotizing spiral eyes
From behind an antique mirror
Asking me for change

Offering me space capsules
In the form of pills
Crafted from time crystals
In exchange for said change
Naturally I took a few
And walked a crooked mile 
In his galactic mind shoes

I noticed his tattered space suit
Was adorned with special patches
Of dangerous secret missions
He was hesitant to speak of
Seemed like a stand up guy
Once upon a time

Handing me an ancient
Ouija board planchette
Cast in meteoritic iron
To show me things
I couldn't remember
Nor did I care to
Both one in the same

Analyzing some memories
I realized that wasted space man
Was myself in the mirror
And the change 
He was asking for
Wasn't about money at all

©James Dennis Casey IV


Sometimes my mind
Feels clouded to the point
Of insanity
Filled with sounds and
Voices and songs and
Things I cannot control

So loud it hurts
Screaming internally
I suffer
Just stay silent
Trying to maintain and
Keep my cool so
I don't lose my composure

Seeing the future
Sometimes coming true
Only to find that
I was dreaming
Or maybe I wasn't
Seeing my death
Sometimes coming true
Only to find that
I was dreaming
Or maybe I wasn't

Then waking up
From a dream 
Within a daydream
Or a nightmare
Knowing what's to come
Or maybe I don't
But sometimes
I do

©James Dennis Casey IV

“Suddenly I Understand”

Holding on for dear life
Searching for some
Psychogenic other self
Among the ugly people

Numbing the pain
By the pulse of the moon
Until there's nothing left

Reinventing myself
Again and again
Behind a smoldering cigarette
My inner child
Still clings to my leg
Like it's a plastic crucifix
Too young to grasp the concept
Of gold

Suddenly I understand
Searching for the answer
An answer quite like you
It is impossible
To extinguish a fire
With kerosene

So I laugh
In the face of the flames
Toss in my burnt cancer stick
Drink the flammable liquid
And piss on the fire
Anxious to see
Who I may become

©James Dennis Casey IV