Pushcart Nominations 2019

My poem, “That’ll Do, Pig” is nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize! I’m so stoked, infinite thanks to the editors of New Pop Lit!!!

New Pop Lit NEWS

0830191341OUR GOAL at New Pop Lit is to do things correctly in the microcosm before we start on the macrocosm. This means, finding exciting work from new writers which approximates the kind of literature weโ€™d like to someday distribute throughout the world on a massive scale.

These thoughts were present in choosing our 2019 nominations for the Pushcart Prize. Conciseness and intelligence combined with condensed energy.

Along with other considerations. (Such as low ink levels in our printer!) Having to send in hard copies of nominated work, our tendency was toward brevity. Fewer pages.

AS every year, there was more good work to choose from than could be chosen. Selections to some extent are arbitrary. One criteria this year was that each of the three stories chosen, and each of the three poems, fit our modelโ€“ be excellentโ€“ yet at the same time be different from the others. Unique. Theโ€ฆ

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