Over & Over

I want to live forever
only for a little while
excommunicated then reincarnated
composed of fulgurite
emerging from distant sands
struck by lightning

clandestine meetings
with the cosmos
swallowing the sun
chasing the moon
in back-alley rituals
lying in freedom’s name

connected by love
wandering the dark
naked and sublime
with electric vision

trying to learn
how to fly
lest these wings
be useless
or I

©2021 J.D.C.IV

2 thoughts on “Over & Over

  1. Excellent poem

    Also great drawing

    On Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 2:26 PM, Drunk on Metaphors wrote:

    > James D. Casey IV posted: ” I want to live foreveronly for a little > whileexcommunicated then reincarnatedcomposed of fulguriteemerging from > distant sandsstruck by lightning holdingclandestine meetingswith the > cosmosswallowing the sunchasing the moonin back-alley ritualslying in ” >

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