Black Hole Secrets

cats have a way of knowing
they’re in tune with things
we as inferior beasts
can’t see
I think that’s why
they were worshiped as gods
in ancient Egypt
maybe they even spoke
maybe they still can
but we lost the ability
to listen
what I don’t understand
is why they insist
on showing us their buttholes
maybe that’s where they hide the secrets
I think that’s why
they always try to display them
when we as inferior beasts are “busy”
they’re trying to tell us something
“Hey, you, hooman, all you need
to know is right here. Now feed me.
My bowl is half full.”
that image of the black hole
floating around the interwebs
is nothing more than that…
the spirit of a mummified cat
trying to tell us the secrets
of the universe
©J.D.C.IV 2019

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