Plastic Bone Mutants

producing smiling duplicate
the new portrait
of human zen
riding a dying
living spaceship
through the cosmos

slimy colorful monsters
oozing all around
crawling on a razor’s edge
dead alive
with golden ticket

destined for destruction
ignoring all the signs
life goes on
with rat race ideology
stranger and stranger
because none of them
even like each other

blank faces that don’t get along
between broken notes
selling lies in the form
of shiny silver rings
to broken brains
missing fingers

deep within the ship
a wandering eye
bleeding thorns
far beyond this
place and time
lost and
by a cloud of vampire bats
feeding on the symphony
of madness

following a backward god
with breath through a hole
in the sky
cultured pearl bullets
to the brain
we all want
the same things
but progress takes time

living increases knowledge
but knowledge
is a rare commodity

take back the power
carry on
with free insults
from shotgun music
and express trip tickets
to the flipside

bearing flesh wounds
cigarette burns
on old tan hides
spinning tales
of come and gone wars
and black hole blues

ŠJ.D.C.IV 2019

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