I Imagine Myself

as the bullet
Mark David Chapman shot

as the needle that went
through Jim’s veins

as Van Gough’s
severed ear

as Hunter S. Thompson’s
brains on the wall

as Bukowski’s cancer
and Burrough’s bad heart

as the secrets
in the Vatican Vault

as all the things
we wonder about

as myself but somebody
else in the future

as a memory
faded but not forgotten

as an old soul
trying to find some meaning

as a man that feels
there’s no fucking meaning

as a god
that thinks he’s the devil

as part of all things
no matter how good or evil

as something
that thinks it’s nothing

as nothing
that thinks it’s something

as an imagination
of the universe itself

I imagine
I imagine


ยฉJ.D.C.IV 2018

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