Joey B. 3:16

the last time I saw your ghost
was on a train from Chicago
to New Orleans grinning at
me with rotten teeth behind
Juggalo face paint and your
fitted ball cap turned the bill
side back wore to match the
color of your wild outfit instead
of rep the team because you
weren’t into sports and then
you mumbled something under
your breath about seeing me
in hell and it made me think
of the old days when we were
best friends and we used to
build bongs out of crazy shit
and party all night then it
all went downhill when you
decided to share your girl
and she started coming back
alone because she liked my
cock better and it broke your
heart but it was your idea
and we stopped talking for
years then I got that phone
call saying you plugged one
into your brainpan with that
shitty little 22 you used to
wave around and I couldn’t
help but feel I had a finger
on that trigger and I wish to
god or whoever or whatever
that I didn’t force my way in
to your hospital room while
you lay there on life support
before they harvested the rest
of your organs because my last
memory of you is lifeless with
your eyes swollen out of your
skull like 8 balls and tubes
keeping you “alive” so they
could finish you off and then
your asshole dad wouldn’t tell
me where the funeral was or
even where they put you in the
ground so I could come see you
after the fact and your ghost
followed me for years and I
wore the Deadman Inc. jacket
you gave me until I got too
fat and too old to worry about
ghosts following me any more
because I’d accumulated so many
more but that last time I saw
your face in the crowd on that
train really drove it home and
reminded me that we will have
a bone to pick with each other
in hell and made me realize how
much I still miss you and that
if we would’ve stuck to our code
bros before hoes maybe things
would’ve turned out different
but life just isn’t that simple
sometimes and we all do things
we aren’t proud of but pay for
them in the end no matter what

ŠJ.D.C.IV 2018

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