Take Me Back To That Night

Looking for a reason to change,
trying to find the answer.
A heart so strong that hasn’t
been stolen or crumbled away.
Never talking about the pain.
Hanging strange hats in strangers

The sun shines but it feels dark,
empty, cold.

What is a home when you’re a gypsy soul?
Anything, anyone, anywhere will do.

The sound of tires on the highway
like clapping hooves pulling your
wagon from place to place.

Maybe one day I will settle down,
but for now the horizon calls.
Beckoning me to a new adventure
over here, over there, over
hills and streams.

I am not the only traveler who
has not repaid his debt.

Take me, take me back, to that
night, that night we met.

Then, and only then, will I find home.

©James D.Casey IV 2018

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