Forward Never Straight

a rotten man just a boy at heart
chewin’ on a half-lit cigarette

dreamin’ things he doesn’t need
to dream and sippin’ on asphalt

shine always lookin’ over his
shoulder for the devil to come

holdin’ death’s icy hand and
collect his debt and save man’s

soul from the line at heaven’s
gate and all the lies of growin’

old and it ain’t a sin if it don’t
make you cry an alone and broken

amen when you drink the water the
cloven hooves have been traipsin’

in between her thighs after all
these years but he’s a killer and

everythin’ is gonna be alright but
he don’t know what the spirit needs

to fill the hole so he keeps fillin’
it with cheap booze and even cheaper

whores and chokin’ it all down with
smoke and mirrors runnin’ from his

dreams like a bat out of hell until
that fateful day when his blood will

no longer crawl because everybody’s
dead in their own way eatin’ their

own sins like cake without a single
thought alive in their own nightmare

never havin’ to worry about who’s
in their bed as the hunger grows

deep inside and gone is all the
good of youth and gone is all the

sadness when you live like the
livin’ dead dancin’ through life

to keep the demons at bay for just
a little longer in all the mud and

blood and beer before it’s time to
pay the piper that whistles your

tune and calls you home on an empty
stomach so they fill theirs with the

pleasures of the damned and fight
like hell to stay alive for one more

day or one more fuck or one more drink
forward never straight until time runs

out and the devil collects but all the
cool people go down below anyway so

the party will only be better when
you get to hell rubbin’ elbows with

all of your favorite dead poets and
musicians and movie stars because

the hellfire has nothin’ on the torture
some of us endure here above ground

ŠJ.D.C.IV 2018


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