Freak of Nature

lizard people and
Nazi squirrels
secretly rule the planet
from the sex dungeon
hidden in the closet
of the editor that runs
a certain magazine
that shall remain

they drive people
insane by
sending mental messages
through their
telekinetic phonograph
blaring Kenny G. 24/7
but a select few
enjoy it
myself included
and they even
take song requests
from time to time

to keep them happy
the young squire occasionally
throws a barrel of
cheese puffs
through the large metal
before locking the
chain again

a few of them escaped once
then ran a train
on that poor boy
and he had to try
really hard
to pretend not
to like it

he even had
a bastard love child
half lizard
half squirrel
that he birthed
one night after
getting bubble guts
from Taco Bell
he thought it was
just a bad case of
Hershey squirts
until he heard crying
from the toilet bowl

he tried to
find out
who the father was
so he could collect
child support
but as it turned out
he was impregnated by
multiple participants
in the orgy
so he decided to raise
the freak of nature
on his own
and named it
K.W. Jimmy Johnny Quinn
after the squirrels
and lizards
he thought to be
the fathers


Β©James D. Casey IV 2018


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