A Win-Win Situation

I walked in on this chick
Once at a party in a
Bedroom by herself
Playin’ Super Mario Bros
On her clit
Mashin’ her mushroom
For 1 Ups
Workin’ her way through
The castle dungeon
To rescue Princess Peach
From ole Bowzer
She asked me to
Enter the game as
Player two
So I inserted my
Into her Nintendo so
We could beat the boss
Together because I
Hadn’t played a
“Video Game”
In months and
Being 2nd player
Didn’t bother me
Always liked Luigi
Better anyway
Plus she was already
Halfway through the
Game and all that was
Left for me to do
Was finish her off
It was a win-win situation
For both players
She had the Fire Flower
I shot the fireballs
And we won the game
Even went for a drunken
Sloppy second round
After the party


Β©James Dennis Casey IV


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