The Angry Pirate

Old Ned’s wife said
she was bored with
their sex life, and
she wanted him to be
more like a pirate
in the bedroom.

So Ned took her words
to heart. He didn’t
bathe for a month, went
to the tavern every day
after work to get piss
drunk on rum, and he
stopped brushing his
teeth as well.

At first, she was on
board with their little
game because it was like
being with a whole other
man, and when he came
home drunk and horny he
would plunder her pussy
like the pirate he was
pretending to be.

But, Sandra had enough
the night he came home
and navigated her windward
passage without asking.
Then stuck his shit covered
cock in her mouth. When he
came he pulled it out, shot
it in her eye, and when she
stood up with one hand
over her peeper, he kicked
her in the shin making her
jump up and down on one
leg. Then started laughing
maniacally yelling, “We’re
both pirates now! AAAARRGH!”


Β©James Dennis Casey IV 2018


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