Worn Armor

I have crystal ball
blind but I
can see

through walls and
the obvious

names that can’t be found
under licked wounds

but they don’t see me

behind a blue soul
sin-eater smile
singing songs
of what could have been

fallen away
just a little bit
too far
then back again

in worn armor
knights in shining
have never seen

giant slayer
dragon killer
walker of the

angels don’t want me
demons won’t have me
scared them all

my brand of strange
branded into my skin

you can’t steal
what is given

a piece of me
on a platter
a piece of you

serving darkness this far
tricking them to let me in
a light being out the door

suitcase packed
ready to go

before they even knew
I was there
don’t care to settle in
time to feed the monster
crawling out of my own skin

always getting what I came for
after bending the envelope
and time in half

watching lips move
clever got me this

my will be done

teachings and spells
verses and passages
inside and out

given to me

it is mine

not yours

to take

playing with creatures
making friends yet
ready to destroy
at a moment’s

kissing them on
the cheek
before lopping
off heads

and so it goes


Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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