Experi-mental Drunk Magick

I will die for you
only in words
I miss ya mamma
on the road to nowhere
I’m writing right now
I heard you all
nobody tells me what to do
isn’t it stupid that
we make that face
when pushing that button
I love her too
come on in and
lay your halo down
from one of my first
thought I forgot
I hate the sound
of my own voice
me too
the last thing I said
nobody tells him what to do
whom REALLY cares
with blood spilt
we all die by the sword
no one chains
in a no one place
I feel
the upside down
raise the rifle to
the sun
we have not
but we won’t be
a moment of clarity
the future is still the same
or maybe not
I don’t know
you can ride the wild wind
running away living
on a dream
I die for you
bright light
I don’t need drugs
I am drugs
I’m a Cosmic Owl
with no eyes
or two or three
I do what I want
can you see me
I can see you
the magick ones
words from my mother
for real
wonder why I’m drinkin’
out inside the stares
of spiders
I’m not the man
I am
the strangest of the strong
who am I
who are you
no one cuts my hair
I love you, Jesse Casey
this ain’t no victory march
I feel like a
I am the only one that spalls
breaks to pieces
a changeling
Β©James Dennis Casey IV 2018

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