Stoned Stream of Conscience in Outer Space

The male brain consists of
70% donuts and naked women
reserving the latter 30% for bodily
functions and cognitive activities.

Like drugs.

These are the facts. Well, the facts
figured up by some scientist somewhere.
Strangely, but surely, funded by our
beloved government. Shaving with their
sunglasses on.

Sorry, not sorry, I had to rant.

The music plays. The show goes on.
Sometimes the best of us,
is wasted on the day.

They always cut it right,
right away.

Scrambled eggs on the side of the car –
or was it puke – yes it was.

grab what you want,
take what you leave.

In the kitchen, looking down,
all I see are frowning clowns.

Free upon an open space.

Clear it comes through my back
again, like a bullet, with a spaciasticat –
my own word – and
a cat from space.

Alone under the bleachers.
There we had found,
a Dad that was not there –
back again – but a man that came from
the clouds.

All a Dream, In Outer

Charles Chaplin
can’t take my soul.
No matter how sweet,
or charming.

I want to be the grandfather
of Ravens.

She is the future.

Chased by Buffalo
upon an open plain.

I don’t want any
of your stuff.

We will both live

It’s time for our awakening.

The noise we make in the
Geronimo drop
is priceless

arguing in the car wash

You made it
about yourself

Isn’t your name
with the SSBB?

Tipping $20s at a Boom Boom Room
Jumping in The back Of a Cab.

We all jump out
and all hell let loose
That’s what the fuck
I’m talkin’ bout!

test results and fart attacks.

100% good luck
Away from you
away from me
Down in this place
following rocks
with runes written on
their bones.

looking through
looking out
looking for the picture
of us

we’re all in the same drawer.
how can I believe you?
by the force of the piano
a Blind Remmington

*rain now falling*


feeling plugged into
a machine.

how many lives
out of the nine
do I remember losing?

but Ginger and I
float on the same
both 77
in the
Year of the Earth Dog

music playing,
new suit,
death wish coffee.

How ridiculous
on a whole other trip.
Hearing things
not heard before.

Jealousy and Toucans don’t mix!

lighting the fire
to get up and get it

Bonfire Dreams

no parking
Lillie’s full
no vacancy for herself
ski on this
ski on that
you never know
but you do
the worst conversation
ever had
with cocaine eyes

Angels and Devils
Know each other
When they can’t find their shoes.

I’m an upside down

An old wise owl from a
different dimension.

the phone rings
it’s Johnny Rat
he hadn’t heard from us
since the party
Fuck you, Charlie!

a razor blade
a leather purse
I write in silence
the rhythm plays
the beat goes on
until a sound erupts
unto the scene
a pause in time

the rhythm

legs crossed
hat on
let me gather myself

upon the page or through the window

In the egg car again
crashing into things
trying to make a Sunday omelet
can I buy some drugs from you?

Fuck you.
Thank you.
The end?

belly growls
I wanna get drunk
in the cave
on the floor
of a shitty
bus stop

Half cyborg
I wanna be whole.
Years and years
of last cut calls
call him into
Who are you?

I’ve seen the future
kind of a sad thought
I’d have no choice
but to fall in love
with you

knocked it out
straight outta the park,
but I never was one
for baseball.

There’s always hope
even when you stab at
the water.

heavy hand
heavy tone
is she that one

seen as a come and go
only if you’d seen me
in those NASA tests

you’ll figure it out
a glimpse in time
held together
by the things you meant to hide

sang by
Yours truly
play or sing
or writhe in the score
I won’t need your help…

I’ll write it all down

tryin’ to find the feeling.
the last thing I’m thinkin’ of.

Bob’s Burgers

spiderweb lives
there’s always hope
water lies
to drink from

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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