For My Next Trick, I’ll Need a Volunteer

things that happened in the fire
that never really happened anyway

alone with myself and the other voices
pretending to be me behind the insanity

wearing a dunce cap in amplexus
you’re a whole different animal when

you’re scared out of your mind in
the kingdom of fear out on the edge

broke & sober the owl lands on Friday
send the lawyers drugs and money

there’s a necrophiliac coyote gnawing
on my skull and a gang of raccoons

trying to steal the garbage flowing
out of my ears from my brain but for

the next trick I’ll need a volunteer
because I’m going to turn myself into

a snake and devour them all in one
fell swoop while laughing like a damn

hyena in the face of death on the verge
of a mental breakdown with a rubber soul

that bounces from body to body as easy
as changing the clip in a machinegun

time after time refusing to even listen
as blind as a bat here in nowhere land

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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