Humanity’s best herbs and spices
And just a few of the greats

Jeff Bridges
The Dude

Hunter S. Thompson
Gonzo Journalist

Oscar Zeta Acosta
Brown Buffalo

Maya Angelou
Civil Rights Poetess

Charles Bukowski
Dirty Old Man

Jim Morrison
Lizard King

Tom Waits
Drunk Pianist

Anthony Bourdain
Drunken Chef

Martin Luther King Jr.
Activist Minister

Johnny Cash
Man in Black

John Lennon

John Henry “Doc” Holiday
Huckleberry Gunslinger Dentist

Wild Bill Hickok
Dragon Riding Gunslinger Gambler

Ozzy Osbourne
Prince of Darkness

Aleister Crowley
Occultist Wizard

Bill Hicks
Conspiracy Theorist Comedian

George Carlin
Truth Speaking Comedian

George Jung
Cocaine Kingpin

Keith Richards
Highlander Guitarist

Leonard Cohen
Musician Poet

Leonard Nimoy
Actor Poet

William S. Burroughs
Madman Novelist

Elvis Presley
Drug-Addled Rockabilly

Marilyn Monroe
Drug-Addled Mistress

Jennifer Vanbeaver
Sexy BBW

Ron Jeremy

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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