Dungeon Master

Abner Arlen Brando was a big
fat sloppy bastard that drank
high fructose corn syrup
by the gallon, and named his
turds after Garbage Pail Kids
before he flushed because he didn't
have any friends. A thirty something
computer nerd and self proclaimed
Dungeon Master that lived in his
dead mother's basement - which
was the only dungeon he was master of.
He kept her body in a rocking chair
by the living room window and
changed her clothes every day
so the neighbors were none
the wiser to his game, and he could
collect her Social Security checks
from Carl the mailman. He also
carted her lifeless body around
town like they were in the movie
Weekend at Bernie's to keep face
with the facade; telling people
she was drunk and sleeping to
avoid confrontation. One day
his routine caught up with him
after her ear fell off in the checkout
line at Sam's Club while he was
stocking up on his supply of corn
syrup, mayonnaise and potted meat.
They sent him to prison and he
became a pass around bitch because
he had nice tits and couldn't fight, but
he didn't mind, at least he was
able to make a few friends that were
actual people instead of turds. Well,
not the kind of turds you flush
down the toilet after they came out
of his ass. These turds liked to cum IN it.

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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