Drinking Buddies

Batman eating pussy
Was the only reason
I used to drink Red Dog.
An old black brick layer
Pointed it out to me after
Work one day when he
Pulled one out of his ice
Chest and tossed it to me,
Then told me to flip the can
Over and tell him what I saw.
There he was, munching
Away in between two bent
Legs with his bat cowl on!
The beer tasted like shit,
And it gave you the mother
Of all hangovers, but I
Was hooked after that for
Nothing more than to share
The joke with my degenerate
Drinking buddies. They had a
Sense of humor that eternally
Resided in the gutter just
Like my own. I don't even
Know if they still make that
Pigswill, but if I ever find it
I'd buy a case just for the
Nostalgia. Plus it's always
Fun to see one of your least
Favorite DC Comics heroes
In a compromising situation.

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV


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