The Greatest Place on Earth

A shitty brick building
Not even a business sign
Indicating its name
Just one heavy metal
Red door with a small
Square tinted window
And a gravel parking lot

The Candlelight Lounge
If you didn't already know
Where it was you'd miss it
Cruising down Hwy 415 right
Outside of Port Allen, Louisiana

Sticky floors and two dollar
Canned beer because the
Bottles can be used as
Weapons and an old busted
Rock-Ola jukebox in the
Corner next to the stage
Where the slightly rusty
Stripper pole stood in front
Of a wall of half broken
Mirrors surrounded by a
Half lit string of white
Christmas lights and a
Dusty ass oscillating fan
For special effects

Complete with two off
Level pool tables and a
Condom vending machine
That didn't work in the
Bathroom where they put
Ice in the urinal trough

The place smelled like
Old sex and stale booze
And the dancers like
Body odor mixed with
Knock off Juicy Couture

Watching the parade of
Misfit bitches shaking
Their goods while you
Sit in uncommissioned
Plastic chairs from the
Local school auditorium
Getting splinters in your
Knees from the makeshift
Plywood stage painted black
Was an experience like no other

They had women from every
Spectrum of the trash pyramid
"Paying their way through college"
Available for your viewing
Pleasure or displeasure

I tell you they had it all
Lots of high heels and
Low expectations
In every color too
Crackheads and dope fiends
Some big curvy ones and a few
Girls made of all elbows
MILF and GILF and inbetween
Even a couple pregnant chicks
And a smokin' hot midget
That was a pretty little sweetheart
And she was always the last to
Dance because she was the
Star of the show

It was
The greatest place
On Earth as far
As I'm concerned
And I miss it

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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