Cocked & Loaded

He was born
With horns
And a tail
In the front
With a mind
Of its own
That always seemed
To sniff out trouble
Like a goddamn
Veiny bloodhound

The term
'Bad to the Bone'
Doesn't even begin
To express their woes

Never left the house
Without a 50
Dollar bill
Folded into the brim
Of a half cocked
Complete with a feather
And a satin nickel 38
Cocked & loaded
Tucked in their belt

Lovers of women
And places
That reeked of
Bad decisions
In all forms
They were
Carefree souls
Both filled with
Animal aggresion
As well as
Some sick form of
Human compassion
Acted upon them
With unmatched
Violence & fury

In some cases
Two heads
Are better than one
But in this case
It always spelled
And they liked it
That way

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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