Deadly Chemical Weapons

This just in
His royal highness
King Eurycotis Arthropoda
Periplaneta XIV
Undisputed lord and ruler
Of the begrimed throne room
Behind the bathroom walls
Declared war
On all humans today
After an unwarranted attack
In the form of
Deadly chemical weapons
Orchestrated by the filthyΒ 
Biped monkeys
Desecrated their kingdom
Killing millions
Including women and larva
This proclamation comes
As a surprise
Since the two have lived
In peaceful harmony
For some time now
But the humanoids claim
To have seen uniformed troops
Marching on the after church feast
Sir. Eurycotis released a statement
Saying the accusations are false
Because they are a docile race
That does not believe in gods
So there is no reason
For them to initiate
A religious war
His main concern
About the attack
Is that if cockroaches
Can survive a nuclear assault
He demands to know
What the hell
Is in a can
Of Raid

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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