For a Good Time Call

Her name was Tammy Lou.
A true double wide queen,
the prize of the trailer park, and
the biggest whore
on the Florida Gulf Coast.
Met her back in '09
after dialing a number under
"for a good time call"
scribbled on the wall of a
bus station shitter. She lived
on a redneck diet including
cheap vodka, full flavor
menthol 100's, pretzels,
Easy Cheese, and
bad bathtub meth.
There were so many holes
in her teeth she sounded
like a harmonica
when she talked, and
enough fur on her beaver
to make two sweaters that smelled
like old taco meat mixed
with cotton candy.
She wasn't much to look at, and
I wouldn't fuck her
with your dick but,
she was down to party,
had great tits, and
gave the best blowjob
from Pensacola to Tallahassee!
Hate to say it but,
I kinda miss that ol' gal.
Sometimes, eager beats prettyโ€”ย especially
when you ain't much to look at
yer damn self.

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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