Wasted Space Man

One morning a junkie astronaut
Dipped in stardust antimony
Came to me with a snake tooth smile
And hypnotizing spiral eyes
From behind an antique mirror
Asking me for change

Offering me space capsules
In the form of pills
Crafted from time crystals
In exchange for said change
Naturally I took a few
And walked a crooked mile 
In his galactic mind shoes

I noticed his tattered space suit
Was adorned with special patches
Of dangerous secret missions
He was hesitant to speak of
Seemed like a stand up guy
Once upon a time

Handing me an ancient
Ouija board planchette
Cast in meteoritic iron
To show me things
I couldn't remember
Nor did I care to
Both one in the same

Analyzing some memories
I realized that wasted space man
Was myself in the mirror
And the change 
He was asking for
Wasn't about money at all

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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