Still Pushing My Pen

My voice is drowned 
In white noise and
Pretty faces that
Write quantity not quality and
Meaningless fluff

Everybody wants to be a poet
Forgetting what it even means
What it truly means
To pay your dues
Lie with the dogs
Get fleas
Or just simply

Be broke for your craft
Not a penny to your name
Broken and abused
Laughed at and ignored but 
Still pushing your pen

To die a worthy death
And live a life worth living
To love and hate and In between
Eaten alive by alcohol and cigarettes
Or substances only known to 
Underdog heroes

Notebooks and napkins and
Anything in sight your canvas
Just to let the words flow
Just to let the art free 
So your head doesn't fucking 
Making a mess
All over your second hand clothes

Cleanest shirt and
Dirty pants blues
Popping pills to stay awake or
Go to sleep
Day drinking
Night drinking
Thinking of the end
Or a new beginning

All the "poets"
That live on likes and
And generic comments
Just get a cheap fix
A narcissistic high
I want real feedback
Real readers
If you like it tell me why
If you hate it tell me why
Tell me how it made you feel
What it made you think
I guess I'll be martyred
When I'm dead

Fuck your selfies
Fuck your monorhymes
Fuck your love
Love is good but
Love is not always poetry
Roses are red
Violets are blue

I want to read about galaxies
Parallel dimensions
Even politics
Anything but squishy nonsense
All the damn time

Don't call yourself a poet
If you haven't lived a life
Worth your weight in at least silver
Been at rock bottom
Top of the world
Traveled anywhere
Lived outside of your comfort zone
Spiritually bankrupt
Seen death first hand
Every version of it
Death of a loved one
A close friend

This craft
Is not for the faint of heart
Nor the weary kind

Tell me something 
I don't already know
But please
Don't call yourself
A poet and
Drown me or
My voice
In scabrous magniloquence
Because I
Am one
Still pushing my pen

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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