After it All Falls

Skipping showers
For weeks at a time
A personal experiment
Providing insight
Into the future
And the flaws
Of our society

Wondering how the homeless do it
How the cavemen did
How we're all going to have to
WHEN the shit hits the fan
And there is no clean water
No "convenience" stores
Everything government owned
And operated
A police state nation

After it all falls
It's every man for himself
In the new divergent society
Common core educated
Fear bred
Hate fed
With ignorant indifference

Who the hell am I kidding
It's like that now

I can see a war
On the horizon
Feel it building
Hear the cries
Taste stale rations
Almost smell it even
As I sit smelling
My own stench
And my third eye
Tells me this 
Little endeavor of mine
May one day become
Everyone's reality
If we hold the course
We're charted for

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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