Sometimes I Wonder

A combination of memories
Unlocking one 

A fire
Alive and breathing
Talk of barbecued dog
"I'll eat it, 
but I ain't gonna watch." 
We all got a good laugh

Cop cars and firetrucks
Producing laser light shows
Somehow Doug and Colleen
Talked their way out of it
The fire raged on

Shotgun chainsaw
Buffalo the outlaw
Covered in tattoos
Like the Illustrated Man
Big and mean
But heart of a teddy bear
Even scared the shit
Out of Conan O'Brien once

Melting ceilings
Burning walls
Getting tied up
In my own sleeves
Trying to put a shirt on

Chris sinking through the bed
Taking a trip to hell
Then talked back to life
By a Deadhead wizard
And puking neon
That changed color
When it hit the ground

Glowing MC Hammer pants
Scratchy muffled music
From a record on slow speed and
Green egg sandwiches
Impossible to swallow

A sudden knock at the door
My mother
My mother
I was supposed to be punished
Took off anyway
"Get in the fucking car!"
An unexpected trip
To Wally-World
I got lost
But that's a whole other story

Our secret field
Fungus among us
In abundance
It never let us down
Bags upon bags
Of golden capped goodness

All four burners on the stove
Huge ass pot
Thick ass hot coco
Eating the leftovers
In the bottom of the brew
I miss those days

An expanded mind
Can never return
To its previous state
Sometimes I wonder 
How I made it out
With my mind intact
Or if I even did at all
Maybe I'm still tripping
And this is all a dream
Within a dream

Good times
Good times

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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