Ride on Rooster

He woke up outside
Sleeping among the alley cats
Early in the mornings
Hopped on his rusty old
Acoustic motorcycle
And did the Hadacol boogie
Dodging pink elephants
On the way to his spot

I saw him there every day
Tired and dirty
Gnarly beard
But he seemed happy
As a pig in shit
Smiling behind ice blue eyes
With a better disposition
Than most of the people
I knew that actually owned

I remember him 
From my childhood
Friends with my Pop
Called him Rooster
Nice house
I even had a crush
On his daughter
Long dark brown hair
Same ice blue eyes
Actually stole
My first kiss from her

Never asked why
Or how he got were was
Just gave him my change
When I had it
Or bought him a beer
Exchanged pleasantries
And went our separate ways

I'm sure he had 
A story to tell
But that's why I don't
Judge a book by it's cover
Happiness is a state of mind
Ride on Rooster
Ride on

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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