From Moment to Moment

As I sit here pondering
What it would be like 
To be a different me
I'm thinking the same thing
Somewhere in the multiverse
Underneath different skies
In multiple bodies
With the same mind

Parallel daydreams and
Perpendicular thoughts
Crisscrossing through galaxies
Headed in opposite directions
Fulfilling alternate fantasies
Of countless me's lives

I'm rich
A poet

Even an ancient philosopher
Among numerous other things
All at the same time

If I try hard enough
To remember my dreams
Or "accidentally" get 
Extremely stoned
I can slip in and out
Of these worlds
Living separate lives
From moment to moment

Although it may just be
My schizophrenic tendencies
It's interesting
Yet terrifying
To say the least
But also comforting
To know that
I am not alone
And I exist
Within an infinite universe
On so many different levels

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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