Fresh Eyed Lovers

Invisible virgins
Near the grave
Colorful on the rain

Brilliant beasts
Come howling 
In late light
Lost in hopes
Grotesque gods

Just rabid children
Neighbors in the fog
Receiving big keys
Confounded snares
On the edge of the world
Backlit and restless

A passion is born
Drawing them together
With electric spells
Grasping bones
Turning aimless wanderers
Into fresh eyed lovers

Cracking stone hearts
Allowing splinters of light
From internal flames
To mirror within
Awakening forgotten angels
Hushing old demons
Calming the soul

The night comes on
Condemning black snakes
Under that familiar grave

The world now anew
As virgins and their beasts
Await a newborn sun

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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