Under a Crescent Skull Moon

Speaking to arid dreams
Mournful behind the slime 
Under fire
Where blood runs
Like crimson ribbons
In the wind
Lost in broad daylight

Smearing misty vapors
Against the dreamscape
Thought is born
Strange and numb
Splintering across a
Backwards glance

The insanity gets weirder
With pleasure among the clouds
As transparent knives
Humming bullshit
Before a sinister flock
Turn aside
Blurring at the edges

Birth will come again
In whose arms
A stranger
Entrancing over the sky

Unlearn the past
Trying to remember
Poisonous ghosts
Beyond the shadows
Smearing comely icons
In luminous eyes

Breed gems inside the mist
Living in peace
Under a crescent skull moon
Rotate rabid impressions
The passion will go
Turning away
And the stink
Will vanish along
With the arid dreams

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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