The Blink of an Eye

Death, violence, addiction
Death a moist hole
Violence a rotten pig
Addiction a dead junkie
Stomping loudly on hot summer nights

Never test a desperate man
Junkies shop like it's Black Friday
Every fucking day
Drug dealers run
Up and down the streets 
Selling their wares
Prostitutes both male and female
Selling their holes
Pigs looking on
With violent fascination

Noise, noise, life
Noise a good hard fuck
Noise a scream in the night
Life a cold hard gunslinger
Singing songs of malcontent

Talk quietly with an old hooker
With Sunday morning coming down eyes
That stare into your soul
Moaning with false pleasure
All the while painful screams
Of murderous intent
Serenade the stinky escapade
And life waiting around a corner
With a bullet that has your name on it
Sure to catch up sooner or later

Exhaustion, faith, desolation
Exhaustion a lost girl
Faith a lost cause
Desolation a dry drug dealer
Dancing at the bandit masquerade

Life gets hard
Some people run
Only to find it harder
Faith gets left in the void
Far behind
Just like the lost
Abandoned and confused
Dealers and pimps
Becoming the new gods
That spin false prophecies

Salvation, courage, adventure
Salvation a former junkie
Courage a stormy soul
Adventure a new beginning
Hope lost & found in the blink of an eye

Redemption can't be achieved
In the barrel of a needle
Bottom of a bottle
Or the sizzle of a pipe
Your spirit can't feel these
It is destroyed by them
Dying among the squalor
Is a wasted existence
Find what makes your soul happy
And let THAT kill you

ยฉJames Dennis Casey IV

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