Love Never Sleeps

Epiphany came
In the form of a bard
Through strange dark waters
And a raging tide

Singing his Master Song
To Lady Midnight
Quill and ink in hand

Yet this wordsmith was bold
In finding the place where
Love Calls You By Your Name

Humming hypnotic melodies
Lover Lover Lover
You know
True Love Leaves No Traces

Leaving dark alleys and
The Smokey Life
Searching for an elusive

Sailing against the tide as
The Night Comes On
And pushing through 'til morning

Closer to his goal screaming

Everybody Knows
A heart of wanting
Can never be stopped while
Waiting For The Miracle
Ancient and mysterious
A Thousand Kisses Deep

Now the dawn
Upon his cheek
Brings a strange
Morning Glory
Almost Like The Blues
And a stroke of his pen
Even stranger still
Sways the tide to his favor
As he sails on
Traveling Light
Entering the place where




Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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