Goblin Chef

Another sleepless night
Alone my eyes burning
With hallucinations 
Dancing shadows and
Little goblins 
Traipsing across my
Bed sheets 

One even tried
To serve me lobster claw 
Don't ask me why 

I stare at the
Ceiling tiles 
Watching as miscellaneous
Shapes form 
Like some creepy cloud
Animals in the sky 

My mind is weary
After no solid sleep
For three long nights 
I can't take much
More of this 

As these enigmatic
Visions taunt me
They sing
Dark lullabies
No one can fall
Asleep to
Eerie songs of
Bumps in the night
That serenade me
Into madness

Maybe I could sleep 
In a padded room 

When I close
My eyes trying
To drift into dreams 
I'm walking off the pier
To nowhere falling
Into a bottomless pit 
I get scared and
They pop open 

Sure enough 
there he is again 
Still trying to
Feed me lobster

I didn't even know
Goblins could be chefs 

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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