American Dream

We live in a void that is a cross
Between heaven, hell, and
The digital world.

Television screen faces sending
Closed caption thoughts.
Our politicians have antennas
In place of horns and,
The best "leader" we
Could conjure up is
A cheddar cheese potato
Chip with a chinchilla
Hair piece.

Everything is on fire,
Crashing and burning,
But all we can see 
Is what we're fed.

The underbelly reality
Is far worse than it seems.
Things they don't show us,
Terrible and unforgiving,
Driven down and
Hidden behind coding of
Pretty 1's & 0's.
Subliminally telling us
To hate our fellow man.

It's all in the way
You look at it
I guess.
Ignorance is bliss
After all.

I just hope
There's plenty of
Whiskey & popcorn
For the season finale
Of this strange
American Dream.

Β©James Dennis Casey IV

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