“Bananas Foster”

I remember when 
The Saints
Were in Super Bowl XLIV
I was traveling by train
On The City of New Orleans
From Chicago 
Back down to NOLA
Crashing through the ice
Trucking around 100mph
With a snow breaker
At the nose

They were broadcasting the game
Over the sound system
And I got asked to leave
The dining car
For being too loud 
After The Saints won
Because Colts fans 
Kept complaining

But they were cool about it
The chef came out the kitchen
Handed me Bananas Foster
Announced that he had to 
Ask me to leave
Then leaned in and whispered
With a New Orleans accent
Fuck them
It's our time
While slipping mini bottles of
Jack Daniel's
Into my coat pocket

I navigated the shaky hallway
Back to my sleeper car
Ate my dessert
Drank my Jack
Crawled up into bed
And let the train 
Rock me to sleep
Smiling the whole time

Β©James Dennis Casey IV 

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