A festering latrine
Of septic 
Money hungry
Warmonger ideology

Old pagan psychology
Behind an eternal tapestry
Portals in
New thinning dreams
Behind hazy mirrored

Sunday change brings the 
Red right hand
Ready to push 
Its handle down

The ugly side of
Forgotten wars
Spawning forlorn

Independently happy
Comfortably numb
Young robots
Dancing to a perfect

Yielding broken weapons
With bruised knuckles
Smiling faces and
The weight of the 
Upon weary shoulders

Singing silent symphonies
Screaming loudly about
Bittersweet mindsets
Just black market undertones
That meander in one ear
Out the other unheard

An entire planet
In need of a revolution
The system is broken
It needs to be flushed
As Soon As Possible

Β©James Dennis Casey IV 

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